Author: Rosemary Sanders

Fox RP2 Mountain Bike Shock Setting Instructions

So, let’s say you are getting ready to come out to our weekly off road ride. You are nervous because, well, it typically makes us nervous to show up and workout with random people. This is the one time you want your bike to be in its best shape. You are going over it meticulously: airing the tires, cleaning the frame and adjusting the shocks. Which leads you to this internet search. You’ve got these dang RP2 shocks. They’ve held up well for you, but you can’t remember how much air is supposed to be in them. I recently had someone ask me this exact question, and decided to throw it up on the blog. It’s random, and I don’t

Redline Monocog 29’er – worth it (used bike)

Oh, gosh. Redline has a mountain bike? They will let anyone into this game!!! We all know Redline from our BMX days when we’d pedal to the corner grocery for milk and eggs and then get thoroughly distracted on the way home. (It’s amazing that all of us didn’t die from food poisoning.) Well, our buddy, Redline, is back with a new toy. The monocog. This all-steel, solid-fork, bone-batterer is the perfect choice for that rider who has “fun” tattooed on their forearm. This ride is serious fun. You don’t have all of the flashiness or shocks and gears. There is very little that can break on this bike or that needs to be upgraded. You aren’t buying this one

Christmas Fundraiser For Save The Youth

For this year’s Christmas party, we are going all out. We’re pairing up with Joe’s Cycle Repair on 5th street (6-9pm, December 6th)). They are bringing Hors d’oeuvre’s and giving us a place to party (thanks, guys!). There’s going to be a bunch of fun events: I know that a tire changing contest and tricycle race are already in the works. Here’s the thing, Save The Youth is short by 10 beds. They have homeless kids sleeping on the floor. And this is, well, unacceptable. So we’re asking for everybody to bring at least $10 to donate to the cause. Let’s show them that the cycling community supports their work.   Looking forward to seeing everyone and helping to spread

Diamondback DB78 Review

Recently, I was shopping a garage sale when I came across a . I often see old Trek’s and Raleigh’s, but I can’t say that I’ve seen a Diamondback this old before. I love these old bikes. It takes me back to when I was young, and mountain bikes were just becoming “the thing.” Finally, I could get a bike that wouldn’t get a flat every time I tried to run the paper route. The wider mountain bike tires were a significant improvement over the skinny road bike tires of all of the hand-me-downs that I had used up until this point. The DB78 is the grandfather of every entry-level bicycle shop model you see today. You had the hardtail

Christmas Cake Party 12/11/2016

This year we are going to do a Cake party!!!! We’re meeting at Donovan’s house (2935 S Creeping Ivy, Georgetown). He has that big shop area he has invited us to use. We’re going to have a ride the rollers (you know what they are, right?) competition (do you have what it takes?) and a cake judging contest. Bring a cake and come have fun! Party starts at 6pm and runs until 8 so you’ll still have time to go check out the Christmas¬† lights or whatever it is you wanna do. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Rockshox MC 3.3

If you are working with one of these shocks today, you either have a bicycle that you have loved forever or are doing some used bicycle shopping. I’m part of the former category. One of my favorite bikes that I purchased about five years ago came with the MC 3.3. Jon (you guys know Jon! Crazy mohawk guy?) was shopping one of these for his nephew and wanted my take. I got nostalgic, so I decided to do a quick write up. The short is, these shocks are at least eight years old, and they still work well. I don’t ride that Trek much, but you guys know the kind of serious off-road riding we do, and this Trek is

Christmas Get Together!

We are doing our annual Christmas get-together this year!!!! We’re meeting at Doug and Dooley’s at 6:30 pm on 12/15/2015. Conference room in the back. $10 per person (alcohol separate). Bring one small (under $10) bike-related decor or gift for a white elephant party! Look forward to seeing everyone!    

Cookie Ride 10/14/2014

Hey Guys! Shelly and I decided to move our club meeting for October to Tuesday, October 14th.   Since we don’t have much to talk about, let’s bring our bikes and COOKIES.   We’ll do the valley loop and then meet back at the pavillion for cookies and a quick recap on the blue ribbon ride from last week and to make plans for our Christmas party.   Look forward to seeing everybody!!! Jim