Redline Monocog 29’er – worth it (used bike)

Oh, gosh. Redline has a mountain bike? They will let anyone into this game!!!

We all know Redline from our BMX days when we’d pedal to the corner grocery for milk and eggs and then get thoroughly distracted on the way home.

(It’s amazing that all of us didn’t die from food poisoning.)

Well, our buddy, Redline, is back with a new toy. The monocog.

This all-steel, solid-fork, bone-batterer is the perfect choice for that rider who has “fun” tattooed on their forearm.

This ride is serious fun.

You don’t have all of the flashiness or shocks and gears. There is very little that can break on this bike or that needs to be upgraded.

You aren’t buying this one to impress your friends. You are purchasing it to have fun.

The rigid front fork is an instant turn off for many riders. I, however, ascribe to the notion that a rigid fork is a perfect recipe for creating better cyclists.

With a rigid fork, it comes down 100% to your bike handling ability. If you want to become a more skilled rider, grab a solid fork. It suddenly becomes a “ride or die” scenario.

The same thing goes with a single-cog. You’ve got to ride smart. You don’t get to rely on the shifting prowess of the spandex clad gangsters.

Now, most of us who pick up this machine are doing so to have it as a backup bike or for “fun” rides when we don’t want to have to mess with the full-suspension bike.

But for a simple, purist ride, this Redline is a solid choice.

I likely would avoid the “Flight” model, however, as I can’t justify spending that much money on a single-speed solid body setup.

Now, the downside is that the 29″ model was discontinued almost a decade ago, now. Unless you can find a used one on Ebay, you’ll likely have to go with one of the newer, 26″ models.

The 26″ models don’t offer the same off-road performance (in my opinion) however; they do offer more maneuverability for doing tricks and trials type riding.

If you can find one, I think it is worth the purchase. Otherwise, there are a lot of lightweight, single-speed bikes for those of us who yearn to break free.